Busy front of house? A virtual receptionist can help.

Posted by:Rhian Greener

WhosOnLocation’s latest integration brings us one step closer to a fully virtual receptionist. Introducing Alexa for Business by WhosOnLocation. Welcome to the future! What is a virtual receptionist?  When we think about virtual receptionists, two different scenarios spring to mind. There are teams of remote receptionists who are contracted to take calls for a number…

Keeping compliant with custom fields

Posted by:Rhian Greener

Custom Fields is a powerful new way to manage your data and ensure you’re staying compliant. Our customers requested it, and we delivered. Here’s how (and why) to make the most of our latest release.  What are ‘Custom Fields’?  You might have heard other SaaS companies talk about custom fields. A number of the software…

Is my employer spying on me?

Posted by:Rhian Greener

As many of us work from home under some form of COVID-19 restrictions, you may have wondered “Is my employer spying on me?”.  Huge numbers of employees have been asked to download apps like Zoom and WolMobile. So it begs the question – can employers use this software to spy on us?  How do I…

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