We’ve made employee security even easier

Posted by:Rhian Greener

In small organizations, knowing who’s permitted on-site is easy. But what happens when you reach thousands of employees across multiple sites? Bigger businesses carry bigger risks, and tightening up your employee security is an iterative process.  Our latest feature update is a great example of this. Hosted employees gives you tighter control over global roamers. …

Feature Highlight – Using your Panic Alarm for onsite safety

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

As we return to our workplaces, we are are all faced with new challenges. Be it social distancing, an increase in hygiene measures, or contact tracing. One thing is certain – all workplaces will have a great focus on safety and security. It’s a good time to re-assess the features you use within your WhosOnLocation…

We’re ISO-27001 certified. Here’s why it was worth it.

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

Are you a cloud-based service looking into getting ISO-27001 certification? Are you wondering about the process, the benefits, and whether it’s worth it? There are a lot of articles about ISO-27001 written by security and compliance consultancy firms, but there’s not much out there about what it’s actually like from the perspective of an organization…

Security: Reduce the threat of insider attacks

Posted by:Marketing

In a study by PwC this year, it was found that 34% of security incidents are attributed to insiders attacks on information security, including trusted third parties and employees. This is an alarming rate, and serves to remind us that physical security is just as important as cyber security. In fact, they are often closely…

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