Use WhosOnLocation to help your organization manage COVID-19

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

Updated March 17, 2020 Download our handy checklist here. Get the full set-up instructions in our Help Centre. Since January 2020 those on the frontline have been working tirelessly to help combat COVID-19, we would like to express our thanks to all involved for their tireless work.  Here at WhosOnLocation we live and breathe keeping…

We’re ISO-27001 certified. Here’s why it was worth it.

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

Are you a cloud-based service looking into getting ISO-27001 certification? Are you wondering about the process, the benefits, and whether it’s worth it? There are a lot of articles about ISO-27001 written by security and compliance consultancy firms, but there’s not much out there about what it’s actually like from the perspective of an organization…

How WhosOnLocation can help you manage coronavirus in your workplace

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

Since January 26, 2020, the world has watched closely as the outbreak of coronavirus has moved swiftly across the globe.  The World Health Organization has developed educational material on what to do should you be affected by coronavirus. This program details what it is, how to protect yourself, myth busters, travel advice, and technical guidance. …

Why instant messaging isn’t just for social media

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

If you’ve received one of these messages you’ll know how effective an instant message can be to communicate in a fast and efficient way.  “I’m running 5 mins late” “Northbound lane closed due to incident” “Gale force warnings due, stay inside” “Your support request was received – thanks” “Panic alarm activated. Stay in current location”…

7 ways manufacturers can reduce risk of a cyber attack

Posted by:Alice Cresswell

With the manufacturing industry one of the most vulnerable to cyber attacks, here are 7 ways you can improve your organization’s security measures. According to an IBM Security study, the Manufacturing sector had 40% more “security incidents” than the average across all industries. Manufacturing was the third most attacked sector in 2016. Why? What are…

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