The 12 days of Wolmas


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December 18, 2019

As we round out 2019 we have one final very important job – keeping our ‘biggest’ customer safe at his busiest time of the year. Welcome to the 12 days of Wolmas. 

1. Santa’s Workshop Inductions

Before any toy making takes place, Santa needs to make sure the elves go through the correct induction process so they are aware of the workshops health & safety and security policies, as well as the correct and approved procedures for undertaking or controlling the enormous tasks and jobs they have ahead of them. WhosOnLocation’s Induction Management also makes it easy for Santa to maintain induction records so he can be sure which elves have or haven’t undertaken the correct training.

2. WolPass

Santa wants this Christmas to be his best yet, which is why he brought in some elf consultants to make sure everything is planned in detail. Being the extremely organized man he is, Santa pre-registered all of the elf visitors and sent them a WolPass. This includes date, time and location of the event with a Google map of the directions. Santa also includes parking tips, Wi-Fi availability and workshop tips in one convenient email. 

3. Remote sign in

Our mobile app, WolMobile, allows Santa to sign in and out no matter where he is in the world. All he has to do is open the app and press the sign in button. It’s as simple as that! Mrs Claus loves the new app as she is now able to track Santa’s progress.

4. Webhooks 

Santa made sure he installed our exciting webhook integration so he could connect his WhosOnLocation account to the internet of things (IoT). As soon as Santa signed into the stables to retrieve his reindeer, Rudolph’s nose lights up, ready for the night ahead. He also uses it when the first elf signs into the workshop to automatically turn the lights, heating, and even the coffee machine on. It’s basically magic.

5. Instant messages

Oh no, the elves have a  broken machine, this is the last thing they need on the workshop production line.  Chief Elf Officer sends an instant message to let those on-site know they have a machine down. Whether it be a toy machine breakdown, reminding the elves of the number of days left until Christmas or even an abominable snowman warning, everyone will be sure to get the notice. This means that even Santa is kept up to date on the information at hand, halfway around the world. 

6. Geolocation

Mrs Claus was wondering if Santa would be home for dinner, checking his geolocation it’s dinner for one. Using the follow-me feature (Mrs Claus made sure he was) on the geolocation report shows her where Santa is in the world, at any given time.

7. Alcolizer

To make sure Santa didn’t have one too many prosec-ho’s at last night’s Christmas party we did a quick check using the Alcolizer to confirm there was no side effects and he’s safe to fly the night sky. In high risk jobs, it’s important to know those operating machinery, transporting heavy loads or working on ladders are in a fit state to do so.

8. SOS Alert 

Santa is on an extremely tight schedule, so a breakdown is the last thing he needs. But if it does happen, Santa has piece of mind that he can use SOS to quickly and easily raise an alarm in the event of an accident or high-stress situation. The alarm will notify the designated elf responder that there is a problem, automatically sending the location of Santa and his reindeer. 

9. Multi-Language

If Santa decides to get a bit fancy when visiting all of the countries in the world, he can use our multi-language feature to check in gifts at the Kiosk. Our multi-language offering goes further than just the Kiosk; push, email and SMS notifications all support multi-language, too. However, the elves started to get a bit confused when Santa decided to practise his Italian via text messages.

10. WolGuard

WolGuard ensures your organization is safe and secure, and that those entering it are authorized to be on-site. The Chief Elf Officer receives information about the contractors who are on-site so he can make sure they can do the job properly.

11. Deliveries

Our Deliveries feature enables Santa to self check his last sack of deliveries using the Kiosk and starts the long journey back to the North Pole. 

12. Auto sign-out

After 510,000,000km, WolMobile automatically signs Santa out so he can have a much deserved good night’s sleep.

About WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation provides people presence management software that monitors the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites. Our powerful, cloud-based solution unites visitor, contractor, employee, and emergency management, enabling organizations to secure their facilities and ensure the safety of every person on-site.

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