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Top 11 Safety & Security Tips For Facilities In 2019

Posted by:Alice Cresswell onDecember 21, 2018

Last Update: July 2019

At WhosOnLocation, it’s our business to keep your people safe and secure – whether they’re school students or patients, contractors or vendors, full-time employees or one-off visitors.

We dedicate our working lives to making sure we have mapped out every on-site journey, from the moment someone arrives until the moment they sign out.

It would be an understatement to say we learn a lot about the different safety and security requirements of a range of industries and organizations!

In this blog, we’ve compiled the top 11 safety and security learnings and recommendations that you can take away and start implementing as you go into 2019.

1. Lone worker safety is a huge focus for safety and compliance teams

Lone Worker in field at sunset

Lone worker safety is a hot topic for organizations at the moment, with EHS teams hunting for technology to monitor, track and protect employees or contractors working in isolated areas.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your lone workers, check out these 10 apps.

2. Organizations are looking for flexible visitor tracking products

From schools to multinational manufacturing brands, organizations are demanding integrated people-tracking products that fit their precise needs.

For example, manufacturing facilities need software that can track the movements of people not only in and out of their sites, but which zones they’re visiting within the site too.

3. Collect data to improve your facility’s operations

Facility Managers have a lot on their plate. From keeping tabs on assets to driving sustainability initiatives, Facility Managers are constantly juggling projects and challenges to ensure their facility is working like a well-oiled machine.

This year, we pulled together a list of some of the best apps designed to help Facility Managers to stay ahead.

4. Having a “one-size-fits-all” emergency response plan isn’t enough

OSHA warns that workplace evacuations are often more common than people think. And with such a broad range of possible emergencies (including explosions, natural disasters, hazardous material releases, biological accidents, civil disturbances and workplace violence), it’s not enough to have a “one-size-fits-all” response plan.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your emergency and incident response plans. We’ve put together this easy Emergency Management Planning Guide.

5. Save time, save money, but deliver incredible experiences

The IoT, AI and other innovative technologies are ever-increasing efficiency and productivity for organizations. Anything that enables a process to be automated (without having to trade-off on quality) is hugely valuable for businesses.

There is some really amazing, cutting-edge technology out there that can improve the safety and security of your people, facility and assets.

Some of the innovation we’ve been doing? Saving our customers money and time by automatically sending a push notification straight to a host’s mobile when their visitor has arrived on-site.

6. Use photo ID scanning to verify visitors’ identity

High security organizations (often in the manufacturing, chemical and construction industries) need to be sure that visitors, contractors and employees are who they say they are.

Our latest release, WolScan, gives our customers the option to scan their photo ID card to capture data. Not only does this add an extra layer of security and allow them to better verify the identity of people coming on-site, it also makes sign-in a lot faster!

7. Find new and engaging ways to promote a good safety culture

If you’re committed to a safe work environment, find ways to get employees onboard as well. Encourage employees to get to know the standards, and to report potentially hazardous situations. The OSHA rules and regulations can be a stiff read, so make your inductions or training interactive or video-based.

Let them be part of the conversation too. For example you could take a few employees on a work trip to a safety conference in another city. Safety should not be a chore!

8. Sharpen up your evacuations with collaborative cloud-based mobile apps

If you’re running an evacuation across a multi-zoned or multi-level site, it can be difficult to manually work out who has been accounted for and who hasn’t.

By using a cloud-based evacuation app, you’ll be able to work collaboratively with other floor wardens or safety marshals to verify the safety of everyone on-site.

9. Tighten up safety and security by keeping contractor records up-to-date

It’s almost impossible to have completely up-to-date contractor records all the time (including relevant qualifications, insurances and other documents).

But what if there was a way they could manage these themselves? By providing service providers access to the Service Provider Portal, they can edit records as documents or data are updated. Read more about how you can manage contractors here.

10. Be smarter about the way you run inductions

By managing inductions on an integrated people presence management platform, you eliminate the risk of un-inducted people entering your site.

Contractors arriving on-site for the first time can complete an induction at the sign-in kiosk. Once complete, they’ll be able to continue on-site.

11. Develop a customer-centric mindset (for everything you do!)

Did you know that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience with a company?

If you want to become more of a customer-centric organization, let it show across every experience they have with your brand – including when they visit your site.

About WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation provides people presence management software that monitors the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites. Our powerful, cloud-based solution unites visitor, contractor, employee, and emergency management, enabling organizations to secure their facilities and ensure the safety of every person on-site.

Armed with a rich, unified source of people presence information, our users are empowered to make more strategic, data- driven decisions that mitigate risk, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations.

WhosOnLocation serves organizations in 29 countries around the world, and manages over 13 million secure movements through thousands of locations each year.

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