The Top 18 Facility Management Software 2019


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August 06, 2018

Updated: March 2020

From keeping tabs on assets to managing incidents, here are 18 facility management software designed to give you data and reporting for compliance, operational visibility, and better decision-making.

More than ever before, organizations expect Facility Managers to drive value in efficiency and processes to reduce operations costs, drive sustainability initiatives, and improve health and safety on-site.

The challenge for Facility Managers? To maintain visibility over all these objectives and collect actionable data for decision-makers. Facility Managers who successfully collate data and create actionable insights can better identify problems and deliver strategic direction.

You can’t effectively manage operational data with notebooks, spreadsheets, and emails – especially if you’re a Facility Manager with a portfolio of buildings in multiple locations. And without a way to maintain accurate records, run meaningful reports and conduct expert analysis, your data has no strategic purpose.

The good news? Ever-advancing IoT and automation technology mean that Facility Managers can provide reporting for everything from visitor sign-ins to expired service provider qualifications.

Here are the 18 facility management software that will help you gain visibility of processes and generate meaningful insights from data.

Service Provider, Contractor and Vendor Management

Facility Managers are often under pressure to find service providers or vendors in a short time-frame. However, you still need to be confident that all requirements, like qualifications and insurance, are met. A contractor management system ensures you tick all the boxes before the contract begins.

Not only will it help you with the sourcing process, but it will also minimize the risk for existing service providers too. Your contractor management system will notify you when insurances are about to expire, or when contracts are up for renewal.

Benefits: Compliance, Safety, Security

Contractor Management Software & Apps

ServiceChannel provides Facilities Managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise.

WhosOnLocation: Contractor Management
Manage contractor presence in and out of all your sites, including remote locations and construction sites. Store contractor documents and ensure qualifications or inductions are valid and up-to-date.

Designed to support a variety of contractor and contractor processes with the aims of maximizing the use of your established contractor base and protecting your organization from contractor-induced risk.

Nimblex features a complete audit trail of all user activity, automated contracts, as well as sophisticated reporting to provide transparency and control for managers.

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Asset Management & Maintenance

Monitor asset maintenance schedules and costs, and receive notifications when an asset is performing below a certain efficiency level (or has malfunctioned). This way, you’ll minimize the risk of on-site injuries and have insight into the long-term value of assets.

Some asset management software can automatically send a service or maintenance request to an authorized contractor when an issue is detected.

Benefits: Safety, Cost-Reduction

Asset Management Software & Apps

Asset Panda
Asset Panda helps people track, manage, and support their assets throughout their life cycle. Their software is configured to the way our clients work, secure, and leverages the mobile devices your employees already carry.

The online platform provides a control center to effectively monitor anything & everything related to maintenance. Modules include an Asset Register, Requests, Work Orders, History, Preventative Maintenance, Inspections, Readings, and more.

Maximo, when combined with the power of IoT data from people, sensors, and devices, can provide warning signals from assets. With this data, it also enables near real-time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, extends the useful life of equipment, and more.

Visitor Management

Strengthen the security of your facilities and assets, and protect intellectual property by preventing unauthorized or threatening activity with robust visitor tracking and reporting.

Visitor management gives you visibility of people signing in and out of your facility while providing a slick brand experience. Some visitor management systems require additional hardware purchases, and others allow you to set up kiosks on existing computers or tablets.

Benefits: Compliance, Safety, Security, Brand Image

Visitor Management Software & Apps

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management solution suitable for small, midsize and large enterprises. Key features of Proxyclick include visitor registration, instant pictures, badge printing, instant notifications and reporting.

WhosOnLocation: Visitor Management
Ensure the safety and security of site visitors and meet compliance requirements. Make sure visitors have completed any relevant steps before being approved on-site, such as acknowledging hazards or signing any waivers or NDAs.

Sine is a cloud-based visitor management solution that serves small, midsize and large businesses. Key features of the solution include visitor registration, automatic notifications, badge printing, reporting and analytics.

The Receptionist for iPad
A cloud-based visitor management solution that serves businesses of all sizes across all industries. Primary features are visitor logs, visitor badges, visitor notifications (via SMS, email and Slack) and two-way communication with visitors.

Environment & Energy Management

A global shift to more responsible environmental practices is driving corporations to focus on energy consumption, water usage, carbon emissions. Facility Managers have been tasked with the monitoring and tracking of environmental data to assist strategic decision-making, compliance and cost savings.

Environment management software help Facility Managers manage processes, store documents (such as permits and and legals), track incidents and report on data all in one place.

Benefits: Cost-Reduction, Brand Image

Environment Management Software & Apps

Effectively manage your organization’s environmental data and processes. Easily manage, track and report all of your environmental metrics, streamline environmental incident reporting, and facilitate compliance.

Manage key environmental aspects of air, water and waste compliance. Deploy a flexible waste and environmental management system to meet permitting requirements, equipped with pre-built reports to meet local, state and federal reporting regulations.

The Airsweb environmental software solution provides an effective, flexible business tool to record, report, and analyse resource consumption (e.g. water, energy and raw materials) and production output.

Incident & Emergency Management

Facility Managers need to work closely with Health & Safety and Human Resources to develop comprehensive emergency and incident processes. Whether the incident or emergency is safety- or security-related, you need to be able to account for everyone on-site and communicate mass updates.

Emergency management systems will give you visibility of what happened, at what time, and where. You’ll also be able to see who was verified safe and by whom. Run detailed reports on this data, post-incident, to provide valuable insights into the efficiency of your emergency procedures.

Benefits: Compliance, Safety, Security

Emergency Management Software & Apps

MissionMode Situation Center enables you to pre-populate your organization’s BCM plans, templates, contact lists, and more into an easy-to-use collaborative incident management solution that speeds communication, tracks progress, and simplifies project management.

WhosOnLocation: Emergency Management
Quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency with the mobile application. Track cleared zones, allow people to self-verify their safety via SMS, view requests for help and monitor real-time evacuation progress.

An all-in-one emergency management software tailored to any organization’s specific needs. All of your emergency management tasks and responsibilities are streamlined with increased, real-time communication and situational awareness.

Smartplan (by TRP)
TRP’s proven web-based, database-driven approach will enable you to streamline and customize your company’s preparedness program based on “best practices”, company protocols, and regulatory requirements.