Migrating to AWS
January 15, 2020 0

Update: Migration to AWS

Posted by:Bridie Kruck onJanuary 15, 2020

We’re well on the way to moving to our new infrastructure home on AWS and we’re on track to be finished over the next few weeks. We’ve worked hard to minimize the impact, however, there are a few key things we need to do behind the scenes that require some downtime. The downtime has been chosen carefully to have the least impact on our customers globally.

During the offline period, you will not be able to access WhosOnLocation. You’ll be able to check our status page to get an ETA for when we’ll be back online. Our migration will take place server by server, by region, the table below details the date and time for each region:

Country Migration Date Migration Time
UK, Ireland and Europe January 26, 2020 08:00 UTC
United States and Canada February 9, 2020 01:00 CST
Australia  February 16, 2020 20:00 AEDT
New Zealand February 23, 2020 22:00 NZT

Not sure which server you are on? 

To confirm which server you are on log into your WhosOnLocation account. Once logged in the URL will tell you which server you are on:

The first two letters of the URL depict the region your server is located: 

US = United States

AU = Australia

NZ = New Zealand

UK = United Kingdom

EU = Europe

CA = Canada

What does the move mean for you?

At the time listed above, we’ll be taking WhosOnLocation offline for a few hours while we move across to AWS. We know that you’re used to WhosOnLocation being available all the time on any device, and the move to AWS means we’re less likely to need to take you offline to make changes in the future. 

This migration is happening at the least busy times for our customers. We’ve chosen the weekend carefully around our global customers’ key activities so disruption is kept to a minimum. 

After the migration, you’ll be able to continue using WhosOnLocation as you’ve always done.

Keeping you informed

 We’ll be updating our status page to let you know our ETA for being back online. For more background information, you can read the August 2019 announcement. 

About WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation provides people presence management software that monitors the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites. Our powerful, cloud-based solution unites visitor, contractor, employee, and emergency management, enabling organizations to secure their facilities and ensure the safety of every person on-site. Armed with a rich, unified source of people presence information, our users are empowered to make more strategic, data-driven decisions that mitigate risk, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations. Compliant with ISO:27001 2013 for Information Security Management. WhosOnLocation serves organizations in 42 countries around the world and manages over 60 million secure movements through thousands of locations each year. For more information, visit whosonlocation.com.

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