Use WhosOnLocation to help your organization manage COVID-19

Bridie Kruck

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March 09, 2020

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Updated May 1, 2020

Since January 2020 those on the frontline have been working tirelessly to help combat COVID-19, we would like to express our thanks to all involved for their tireless work. 

Here at WhosOnLocation we live and breathe keeping people safe and secure. We have a number of features that you can utilize within your WhosOnLocation subscription to help protect your organization while aiding the reduction and spread of COVID-19. 

With recent advice to go “hands-free” as a way to combat the spread of the virus, we’ve also pulled together an overview of the features within your WhosOnLocation subscription to help your employees, visitors and contractors go “hands-free” when signing into and out of your organization. 

‘Contact tracing’ is currently all over the news, so we’ll take a look at how your WhosOnLocation subscription has got you covered.

Managing Employees, Visitors, and Contractors

Utilize the power of Important Notices and Triggers to strengthen your organization’s defenses against not only COVID-19 but any threats to those in your duty of care.

Important Notices

We offer two types of Important Notices; acknowledgment notices and instant messages. Use Acknowledgment Notices to define your audience, period of time to be published and the frequency for the notice to be displayed. If Acknowledgement notices are not “acknowledged” guests will be unable to proceed, notify the appropriate person within your organization. 

  • Example: “In the last 14 days have you suffered from the flu or traveled to any of the following countries; China, Northern Italy, Japan, Iran?”  Answer “Yes” or ”No”. 
  • If your guest answers “Yes” the appropriate people are notified and on site procedures can be taken within your organization to deny access.  

Instant messages are a one-off notification that can be sent to employees, contractors, and visitors to notify of onsite process, emergencies or changes to policies – the options are endless. 

  • Example: Hello, to protect our employees and guests we are operating with additional measures and caution with regard to the spread of COVID-19. Please ensure you follow all onsite instructions which can be found here.


Triggers can be used to display messages, deny entry and sign in and out. One way you could utilize triggers is to understand if guests have traveled to an infected area and if they answer “yes” deny access and notify the appropriate person in your organization. Read our recent blog to learn more.  

Contact tracing


If you are currently signing all employees, service providers, and visitors in and out, and someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, you can easily report on

  • Everyone on-site at the same time as the individual, for the days leading up to the diagnosis
  • Everyone from the individual’s department working in close proximity during this time
  • Any visitors the individual hosted during this time
  • Anyone working in the same ‘zone’ as the individual in the given time period

Take action

By identifying the people and areas at risk, you’re able to take action to protect your organization, by:

  • Those employees that should be sent home to self-quarantine 
  • Visitors that need to be contacted, and
  • Areas of the building which may require additional cleaning.

Go touchless

For employees and service providers

There are a number of options available for employees and service providers that involve minimal touch points, or none at all.


Issue your service providers and employees with WolMobile to manage their presence. By taking full advantage of the features WolMobile offers they can sign in and out without the need to use a Kiosk, therefore minimizing the number of touch points and the potential for contamination.


Tokens are assigned to employees or service providers so they can sign in and out of a location by scanning a barcode or RFID tag. With a quick scan, the employee or service provider can be instantly signed in, without the need to input their details on a Kiosk.

For Visitors

On average guests touch your Kiosk screen 35 times to sign in/out, using the Pre-registration and WolPass features you can reduce the number of Kiosk touches down to 2 or 3.  


Limit the number of people who need to touch your Kiosk by pre-registering visitors prior to their arrival on site. This allows your Front of House Team team to know in advance who is due on site. They can also sign them in with just one click using the Sign In/Out Manager, this means they don’t need to touch your Kiosk at all. 


Consider WolPass as your guest’s boarding pass to your organization. It can contain a variety of information including specific instructions of what a guest needs to do when they arrive on site to sign in/out. The WolPass has the visitor’s details embedded within a unique QR or barcode. When they arrive on site they simply scan their WolPass at the Kiosk reducing the need to touch the Kiosk.  

Using Brivo with WhosOnLocation 

If you are using  Brivo* cloud access control system with WhosOnLocation you can place your Kiosk outside the door to your Front of House Team. As you are integrated with Brivo, the door will automatically unlock once the visitor has signed in. In effect introducing hands-free unlocking of the doors, your visitors can access. Once signed in your visitor can collect their visitor pass from reception and use it to ‘hands-free’ unlock any door a visitor is permitted to enter. 

To get started with these features, your WhosOnLocation Administrator will need to activate them within your subscription. If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.  

*Brivo incurs an additional cost outside of standard WhosOnLocation subscription costs.