Visitor management system

Strengthen the security of your facilities and assets, and protect intellectual property by preventing unauthorized or threatening access with a robust visitor management system.

Screen, track and report on all site visitors

Use WhosOnLocation’s visitor management system to monitor the safe and secure movement of visitors through buildings and worksites. Scan, validate, and ensure that only verified visitors gain access to your site with WolScan, our mobile app for photo ID scanning.

With both real-time and historical reporting, our visitor management software gives you the ability to meet compliance requirements and ensure the safety and security of your site visitors.

Make sure visitors have completed any relevant steps, such as acknowledging hazards or signing any waivers or NDAs, before being approved on-site.

Our visitor management system is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

Tools to welcome visitors

visitor management system

Go touchless

Switch your kiosk’s layout to touchless mode or print and display QR code posters for a hygienic sign-in solution. Minimize the risk of spreading seasonal flu strains and cut down waiting times by allowing visitors to scan a QR code and sign in from their smartphone’s browser. No app download required.

visitor management system

Multi-language kiosk

Hallo! Bienvenue! Use our multi-language feature so your guests can sign in at the kiosk using their preferred language. Multi-language is not just for guests your front of house staff and security guards can use their preferred language to operate the Sign In/Out Manager. Arrival notifications (email, push, and SMS) will also adjust to your location’s default language, too. C’est Fantastique, non?

We currently support 21 languages including; English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and Te Reo. We’re adding new languages on an ongoing basis, so watch this space. Check out the full list here.

visitor management system

Visitor badge passes

Print badge passes for visitors on-site, and connect your printer to your kiosk via WiFi or Bluetooth. Create a custom visitor badge pass template using your organization’s brand colors and logo.

Use the template editor to choose which information will be displayed, including name, photo ID, host name, and pre-registered duration on-site.


visitor management system

Pre-register visitors

Register visitors (as individuals or groups) before they arrive on-site for a slick visitor experience.

Simply fill out the visitor’s details and they will receive an automatic email with details of the visit. Pre-registered visitors can then just confirm their details in a few clicks when they arrive on-site.

visitor management software

Screen and verify identity

Add an extra layer of security to the way you greet, manage, and maintain your on-site security. From contact tracing to watchlists, to capturing visitor information using WolScan by simply scanning their passport, driver’s license, or generic photo ID information at sign in.

visitor management

Custom workflows

Add custom workflows for employees, contractors, and visitors for health screening, view a safety video, sign an NDA, or waiver, the options are endless. Custom workflows ensure your guests or employees meet the needs of your workplace before gaining access.

visitor management system


Activate the deliveries options on your kiosk to display a custom message or set instructions for delivery agents.

For instance, you can display instructions to let the delivery agent know an employee is coming to meet them, or inform them where to leave the package.

visitor management software

Red flag alerts

Red flag alerts notify you when a particular event occurs. If a visitor is due off-site but has not signed out, or a competitor has signed in, you can receive an SMS or email notification. Get alerted when a guest does not meet your on-site conditions, has flu-like symptoms, or has traveled internationally in the last 14 days.

visitor management

Arrival notifications

Eliminate the extra time your reception or security team spend tracking down employees to advise them that their visitor has arrived. Our visitor management system will send hosts a visitor arrival notification by push, SMS, and/or email automatically when their visitor has signed in.

visitor management system

Calendar invites

Instead of manually pre-registering each visitor in WhosOnLocation to save time create pre-registered visitors right from your calendar. A visitor profile will automatically be created and the visitor will be sent an email with details of their visit.

visitor management software


The visitor reporting function allows you to view who is visiting whom, for how long, how frequently, and much more. View who is on-site in real-time, and report on historical visitor volumes.

visitor management

Multiple device support

WhosOnLocation runs as a web application, so you won’t be limited by hardware. Getting started is as simple as setting up a kiosk on any iPad, Windows Tablet or PC.