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Security and safety starts with knowing who is on-site, protect your assets and intellectual property, and the safety of your employees with robust visitor management. How would you manage visitor access to a building or a zone within a building? Control who they are meeting with? Communicate your organization's Visitor Policy? Evacuation Instructions? How do you create an amazing visitor experience for one-off visitors and recurring visitors? WhosOnLocation allows you do all this and more across one or multiple sites, anywhere in the world.

Use the right tools

WhosOnLocation understands visitor management intimately. We don’t have time to cover off all of the awesome features available below but take a look and contact us to set up a demo, or simply go straight to our 30 day free trial. We know you’ll love WhosOnLocation.

WhosOnLocation is a powerful visitor management system that makes it easy for reception teams and/or non-manned reception areas to know their visitor. Whether you are looking for a simple system to replace a visitor sign-in book or a comprehensive solution to manage everything from visitor identity, pre-registrations, car park occupancy and much more, WhosOnLocation is right for you.

Set-up in minutes, add kiosks, start managing visitors today!

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WhosOnLocation is easy to use, and can be set-up in any location, anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. WhosOnLocation works with a wide range of hardware devices and our support team will help you get started with online training, How-to guides, tutorials, and videos.

  • All-in-one touch screen kiosk
  • Standard PC/Mac with keyboard and mouse
  • iPad
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

Nominate Users: Receptionist, Concierge, Security Guard Access

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Empower your front of house team with WhosOnLocation. Users can quickly:

  • View pre-registered visitors when you want, hours, days and weeks in advance.
  • Pre-print, print, and re-print visitor passes.
  • Efficiently manage and sign-in large groups in seconds.
  • Manage visitor car parking and much more….

Keep Up With Visitors: Arrival notifications, and messaging

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Employees are automatically notified of their visitor’s arrival via email and/or sms (text).

Employees can also have their visitor arrival notifications cc’d to their personal assistant, team support person, or any other nominated recipient. Visitor arrival notifications can include:

  • Name of visitor
  • Where they are from
  • Who the host is
  • Which access control point they signed into

Know your visitors: Reporting, Data, and Insights

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WhosOnLocation can help transform your organization's visitor management.

Knowing who is on-site, authorized to be where, who is due on-site, and who has been on-site is best practice and a matter of compliance. WhosOnLocation's reporting, data and insights make accounting for and knowing your visitors easy.

  • Access real-time data and know who is on-site now
  • Apply filters to identify who was on-site on a specific day/time
  • View visitor information as data or graphically
  • Export reports as a CSV or PDF

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