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Where did we come from?

The WhosOnLocation story started when Darren (WOL CEO and founder) went through a chaotic building evacuation. He thought there must be a smarter way to account for people in an emergency and decided he would do something about it.

Tom (our Head of Tech) was traveling through Croatia in the back of a VW combi van when he started designing WhosOnLocation’s first version from the other side of the world.

And so WhosOnLocation was formed. The vision was simple, to build an enterprise-class people presence management system that would be the best in the market, at the best price, and one that would be continually innovating, with impeccable customer support.

From the start we listened to every customer and took a hands-on approach. Bootstrapped and self-funded, we designed in the manner of the Lean Startup revolution that inspired us; building step-by-step, releasing often and learning from each product release.

Where are we at now?

WhosOnLocation is growing fast. We’ve got all sorts of clients across the world; from warehouses in Canada to government departments across New Zealand, to large corporate companies across the US, to building and construction companies in Australia.

Our software is always evolving. We continuously improve our application responding to ever-changing technology and work environments whether by adding features, adapting to regional habits or integrating new smart notifications.

Today our team is no longer only sitting in our Wellington headquarters but also working remotely or home-based, across the world in multiple time zone. We’ve grown our network of partners from Sydney to Boston and all the way to Burton in England.

We continue to stay true to ourselves, to you, and to the people whose safety and security matters to you. We’re always here to help or to listen. Drop us a line or even a tweet!

Management Team

Darren Whitaker-Barnett

Darren Whitaker-Barnett – Founder, Director, CEO (MDP)

Darren is our Chief Executive and founder of WhosOnLocation. Prior to founding WhosOnLocation, Darren served on the management team at Meridian, an energy company, and has been directly responsible for building hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenues in the technology, FMCG, and Energy sectors.

While at Meridian Darren completed his MDP through Auckland Business School.
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Victoria Armstrong

Victoria Armstrong – Director, COO (BLS; Dip PT; Dip RS)

Victoria is our Chief Operating Officer and responsible for our day to day operations, accounts and marketing.

Prior to joining WhosOnLocation, Victoria had a successful career in business development at TVNZ and then Canadian owned TV3. Victoria also founded the highly successful ‘Fit2front’ media training organisation, a leading media coaching service provider teaching CEOs of the country’s biggest companies.
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Tom Peck

Tom Peck – Head of Technology

Tom is our Head of Technology and holds responsibility for managing application innovation. With over eleven years’ experience architecting and developing online web and application solutions, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Prior to WhosOnLocation, Tom was the Technical Lead at a successful London based digital creative agency. Here he managed a range of successful projects from simple promotional websites to complex online platforms servicing hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson – Systems and Architecture Manager

Andrew is our Head of Systems and Infrastructure and manages all things server and hardware. Andrew is responsible for systems support and brings to WhosOnLocation a wide range of skills in the IT space.

Andrew has extensive experience in deploying fast and robust internet services, from a single transaction right up to a load balanced multi-server solution.

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