visitor, employee and service provider movements processed by WhosOnLocation in 2016
February 3, 2017 0

WhosOnLocation visitor management software 2016 by the numbers

Posted by:Erin Brown onFebruary 3, 2017

Here at WhosOnLocation 2016 was definitely the busiest year yet, and we loved every minute of it!

inforgraphic with WhosOnLocation key numbers in 2016

Together our team increased the safety and security of thousands of businesses, and millions of staff, visitors, service providers/contractors around the world.

Our customer support team was on fire in 2016 as the compliments came in as quick and fast as the solved tickets were being ticked off.

They make us incredibly proud, as they are always sitting at around 99% customer satisfaction and boy, do they get back to our customers quickly!

We think it’s one of the many reasons we are set apart from any other visitor, contractor, evacuation, and employee management software providers.

Another reason we are ahead of the game is the depth and breadth of our product, and with 300 updates to the WhosOnLocation application in 2016 it’s easy to see why our systems are so comprehensive.

It’s because we are always innovating and refining the visitor, contractor, employee and evacuation management process for our customers, so they can get back to what they are good at without having to worry about tracking WhosOnLocation.

Our development team are stoked with 2016’s results, ending up with an average server uptime over 99.98%  – that equates to 17s per day of downtime – well-done team!

There are many ways to look at a year, 2016 in terms of collective minutes in the gym, pieces of fruit eaten in the office, and laughs had was insane, and although that kind of data isn’t strictly measured, it means a lot to us Wollys.

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