Easily keep track of your employee and contractor movements.

Manage the movement of people signing into and out of your locations with WolGuard

WolGuard is the perfect mobile application to enable your Guards, and Security Team to have the information they need to ensure your organization is safe and secure and those entering it are authorized to be on-site

Safety and Security starts with knowing who’s on-site.

Empower your team

Give your Guard and Security Teams the information they need to quickly and easily, enable and manage movements within your organization. Using WolGuard you:

  • Know who is on and off site, which zone they are in, and which access point they have entered and exited through
  • Work on or offline depending on where your Guard or Security Team are located
  • Easily scan employees and contractors into and out of your location
  • Who is moving between locations and zones


Access rights

Set specific access rights for your employee or contractor with individual access right for each zones and or locations they are able to enter.

Zone setting

Set access zones for your organization using WhosOnLocation.

Multiple ways to sign in

Using quick sign in, a Guard or Security Team member or scanning.

Zone movement

Accurately and easily monitor movements between zones, never be in the dark of who is where in your organization.


Verify the correct person is entering your organization based on the information you have stored in your WhosOnLocation account.

Photo recognition

Unsure if the right person is entering your location? Use the photo stored in WolGuard to check, have peace of mind that you are only granting access to those who should be in your organization.


WhosOnLocation will recognize the unique code and attribute any movements made through their WolGuard device to that individual in the People Presence Report until they log out.


WolGuard is a mobile application, it is easy to transport and use in all zones and or locations of your organization. Wifi is not always needed, can be used offline as long as synced the last time it was connected to Wifi for the most up to date information.

Get started, it’s easy

Login to your WhosOnLocation on Account and activate the WolGuard add-on. Don’t forget to order your hardware and for help getting started visit the Help Desk.

If you are new to WhosOnLocation and want to know more submit a request and one of our Sales Team will be in touch.

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