WolMobile: The better way to manage health and safety


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November 29, 2019

WhosOnLocation is a cloud-based people presence solution that helps organizations keep the people and places that power their organization safe and secure with visitor, employee, service provider, and evacuation management.   

We are continually innovating to ensure our customers are always armed with the right tools to keep those in their duty of care safe and secure. Our most recent release is a significant enhancement to our WolMobile app. Whether you work on a large site, manage multiple locations or even just a small office, WolMobile ensures you have the information you need to account for everyone, including at-risk workers, at a moment’s notice.  

Why do you need WolMobile?

Creating a workplace environment where your employees feel safe is of the utmost importance, as is your organization’s legal obligation to keep everyone in its duty of care safe. This means being responsible for your people’s health, safety and well-being. 

WolMobile gives you the tools you need to achieve this. This includes accounting for everyone in an emergency, knowing where your at-risk workers are at all times, communicating important notices and hazards instantly and so much more. WolMobile gives you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep everyone safe whilst remaining compliant. 

How can WolMobile make your role easier? 

As a health and safety manager, you are faced with uniquely different issues on a day to day basis that are often difficult to predict. Therefore, having a fast and efficient system in place to combat these issues is important. WolMobile has many features to help you overcome the issue of not knowing what to expect.

  • Run smoother evacuations

Have you ever tried to run an evacuation, only to find that you actually have no idea who is on or off-site? With WolMobile, you can automatically sign employees and Service Providers in and out of your locations and work sites, using their smartphone’s geolocation. This feature gives you accurate people presence data so there is no need to rely on a quick head count to know everyone is safe. 

  • Communicate hazards quickly and easily

If your building was suddenly deemed unsafe, how would you quickly and efficiently communicate with everyone who needed to know? If you went into lockdown, could you target your message to everyone off-site to tell them not to enter the premises?

Instant Messages can be used to communicate important notices and segment your communication by employees vs Service Providers, those on or off-site, those in a specific department or those with a specific role type. Whether it be an emergency, reminding employees of company policies or updating staff about on-site hazards… the options are endless. This means even those working in remote areas can have up to date information at hand. 

  • Ensure you are notified when at-risk workers need immediate assistance

How would your team call for help if a machine started malfunctioning in the next factory, or someone injured themselves on-site? They can now use WolMobiles SOS Alerts to quickly and easily raise an alarm in the event of an accident or high-stress situation. The alarm will notify your designated SOS Responders that there is a problem, automatically sending the location and contact details of the person needing assistance.

What can you do with all that data?

Reporting is one of the most important parts of safety and security as it enables you to pull data to gain insights needed to improve the future safety of your organization. WolMobile allows you to report on the geolocation of workers during their working hours and inform you on who has or hasn’t acknowledge an important notice. Giving you the confidence that you can demonstrate to an auditor that you have the required systems in place to keep everyone in your duty of care safe and secure.