Keep employees and Service Providers in your duty of care safe and secure with our most innovative mobile app yet.

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Protect the employees and Service Providers in your duty of care

WolMobile will make your workplace safer and help you comply with your health and safety obligations. Improve the accuracy of your people presence data, easily communicate Important Notices to your entire workforce and check in with those working remotely. Get all this and more through WolMobile, included with a WhosOnLocation subscription.

Customise your sign in/out questions

Customise the questions you ask employees and service providers as they sign in/out or switch zones. Carry out health screening before they enter, ask if they have the correct safety equipment to enter a hazardous area or check if any safety incidents occurred as employees or service providers leave.

Custom questions COVID-19
Automatic location-based sign-in

Automatic, location-based sign-in

Your most accurate reporting tool, for ultimate compliance in an evacuation or emergency. Keep track of who’s on-site automatically using geofencing, removing the need for employees and Service Providers to manually sign in.

Important Notices

Intruder in reception? Damage to the stairwell on the fourth floor? Spillage in factory 3? Send Instant Messages to everyone on-site to alert all employees and Service Providers to hazards at your location. You can even set Acknowledgment Notices to ensure everyone’s received and read important notices when they sign in.

Important Notices
Instant SOS Alerts

Instant SOS alerts

Employees and Service Providers can send instant SOS alerts to a nominated safety contact at the touch of a button. The alert contains their geolocation - perfect for larger sites or remote areas.

Expected finish time

Nominated safety contacts can receive automated prompts to check on at-risk employees and Service Providers if they’re overdue for their expected finish time.

Expected finish time
Sign in remotely

Sign in remotely

Employees working remotely? Whether your team often works from home, out on the road or in remote areas, they can still sign in for work on the go. By updating their geolocation, nominated safety contacts within your organization can track their location, keeping at-risk employees safe.

Follow Me

Keep those working at risk, remotely or alone safe using Follow Me to track their location. Follow Me can be used in one of two ways depending on your organization’s needs; send a geolocation update, or follow continuously when signed in. Once an employee signs out, tracking ends.

Follow Me

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