Working Safe with Meridian Energy

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Contractor management

Australasia’s largest wind generation company, Meridian Energy, needed to introduce a visitor and contractor management system to maintain the safety and well-being of employees, visitors and contractors alike on their wind farm sites.

It’s not as simple as throwing a hi-viz vest at them and saying ‘watch out for trucks’ and ‘please don’t touch the 111m high, 40m long, 10 tonne rotating blades – it’ll hurt’

Hamish Scott, Project Manager (Wind) at Meridian on site

Key Challenges

Meridian were looking for a capable Contractor and Employee management system, to help them manage the safety and well-being of employees, visitors, and contractors at their wind farm sites and offices.

They needed a product to assist their Security team with compliance and induction. It had to be accessible at their semi-remote wind farm locations with the versitility to handle multiple logins quickly. Most importantly it needed to be easy to use.

Meridian specifically needed a visitor management system that would enable them to:

  • Address their on-site moral and legal health and safety responsibilities easily and competently
  • Access the system from anywhere (cloud based solution)
  • Account for hundreds of people entering and leaving their sites everyday
  • Allow multiple contractors, visitors, and employees to quickly sign-in at the same time
  • Account for and manage the health and safety of people working alone
  • Manage well-being checks efficiently
  • Enforce worker curfews
  • Send hazard notifications to people on-site


Company Profile

Meridian Energy is a leading developer of renewable electricity retailing to customers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

They are the largest electricity generator in New Zealand and the most significant contributor working to towards the NZ Government’s 2025 target of 90% renewable generation.

Meridian has developed ten wind farms in Australasia, and also operates the world’s first wind farm at Ross Island, Antarctica.

Meridian employs approximately 800 full-time employees (‘FTE’), with headquarters in New Zealand and offices in Australia.


Ensuring the health and safety of people in our care cannot be compromised.


How WhosOnLocation Helped

WhosOnLocation is a cloud service that brings visitor, contractor, and employee presence management into a single solution.

Using WhosOnLocation Meridian were able to meet their obligations to protect the well-being of contractors, employees, and visitors to their sites.

Meridian’s security teams can now:

  • Make sure their health and safety responsibilities are met by monitoring who is, or was, on their sites in real-time, using the WhosOnLocation System
  • Track and manage hundreds of people entering and leaving their sites, through their WhosOnLocation Dashboard
  • Have people sign-in and out of remote sites using the WolMobile app or on their web browser
  • Let those who don’t have access to the internet sign-in by phoning their security team
  • Sign multiple contractors, visitors, and employees in and out quickly at the same time using WolMobile or WhosOnLocation on-site kiosks
  • Monitor contractors working alone are using WolMobile
  • Send hazard notifications using WhosOnLocation’s Acknowledgement Notices
  • Manage and send notifications regarding well-being checks and worker curfews
  • Ensure people on-site have been inducted, using WhosOnLocation’s Induction Management
  • Check someone signing in has correct and valid qualifications using WhosOnLocation’s Qualification Manager
  • Enforce curfews and site access control by automatically sending alerts when using WhosOnLocation’s Triggers

Meridian scans hundreds of employees and contractors into and out of sites quickly. WhosOnLocation makes it easy.

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