Working Safe at Z Energy

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Visitor management

Z Energy, suppliers of fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers, needed a solution to manage visitors to their three large corporate offices in New Zealand.

WhosOnLocation is easy to use, you can keep track of who is entering your office and it notifies your staff when their visitors are here.

Renee Coghlan, Z Energy Receptionist

Key Challenges

Z Energy needed a capable, cloud-based, visitor management system, to stay up to date with visitor management, and to make the visitor sign-in process faster, given the high number of visitors to their offices.

Z Energy needed to:

  • Make sure none of their 100+ a week visitors were kept waiting for their appointments
  • Replace their paper sign-in form where visitors signed themselves in, often with illegible handwriting
  • Sign-in multiple visitors quickly
  • Let staff know when their visitors have arrived on-site
  • Find a system that was easy to implement

Company Profile

Z Energy supplies fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators and also provides bitumen to roading contractors.

A publicly listed company on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges, Z Energy’s purpose ‘solve what matters for a moving world’ guides everything they do. Z Energy has three main office locations, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch which typically see more than 100 visitors per week.


Working with the team was easy as they listened, made suggestions and implemented requested changes.

The WhosOnLocation Solution

Z Energy chose to use WhosOnLocation as their visitor management system after a recommendation from their IT team, followed by a demonstration by a neighboring business.

Using WhosOnLocation Z Energy can now:

  • Quickly sign-in multiple visitors through their reception, or self-service WhosOnLocation kiosk
  • Easily notify hosts when their visitors have arrived using Visitor Arrival Alerts
  • Let hosts pre-register guests, making sign-in faster and more efficient, using WhosOnLocation’s Pre-registration Tools
  • The sign-in kiosk is one of the first things visitors see when they walk into the Z offices, visitors are happy to use kiosk, and often admire the system
  • Make sure every visitor signs in to their office so they have a real-time record of who is in the building
  • Report on who is in the building in and emergency or evacuation event and make sure they are accounted for using WolEvac
  • Z Energy has incorporated WhosOnLocation into their Health and Safety System – by making sure every visitor signs into their office, they now have a real-time record of who is in the building in the case of an emergency.
  • WOL was very easy to implement, the team had several meetings to ensure

Knowing who is in our building and who they are visiting allows us to be in control of a safe environment.

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